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A Market Stall Makes The Perfect Pit-stop For Hungry Workers

They say an army marches on its stomach, but no doubt your workforce has a pretty hearty appetite too.

As many of us spend more time at work, we are often faced with the prospect of grabbing lunch or an afternoon snack on the move or whenever we get 10 minutes to spare.

But with many food outlets and restaurants closed due to COVID-19 regulations, finding somewhere to take a well-earned break and grab a bite to eat is becoming harder and harder.

So have you considered providing your own pit stop for hungry employees to refuel before hitting the road or maybe even take a well-earned pit-stop in during a busy day?


Encourage Healthy Eating

As well as being quick and convenient, sometimes, the lure of a fast food outlet or roadside cafe is just too much for workers who spend a lot of time on the move.

But have you ever thought about the long-term health impact this might have on your workforce if this is a daily occurrence?

By offering your own food options, not only will you be providing a convenient, friendly and welcoming environment for all your workers – but you’ll also be able to offer a healthy and well-balanced menu for them to choose from. 


Create a Sociable Environment

With socialising becoming more and more difficult due to COVID-19 restrictions, the traditional workplace canteen has become something of a distant memory for most employees.

Not only does the canteen provide meals for hungry workers, but it’s also a great place for colleagues to mingle, chat and catch up – encouraging a friendly and more sociable workforce.

So by opening your own market stall or outdoor food market, you’ll be adhering to all the latest safety protocols, as well as providing your workers with a safe and friendly place to relax and unwind. 


Increase Productivity

Many people will skip breakfast or lunch because of time constraints at work and will then feel sluggish later in the day as a result. 

Ultimately this can harm productivity and could even be dangerous if your workforce are out on the road for long periods of time and feeling sluggish behind the wheel

Providing somewhere where your workers can enjoy a balanced, nourishing meal at any time of the day is not just good for team morale, but you will likely see the benefits when it comes to productivity in the long term.


Talk to Big Kahuna

If you’re thinking about hiring a market stall for your workplace, but are unsure about how you do it or what the costs might involve, worry not.

Big Kahuna offer a number of pop up market stalls to buy in a range of sizes whatever your needs.

What’s more, we also offer equipment hire, meaning you don’t have the problem of year-round storage or regular maintenance – we can even deliver it and assemble it for you for a small fee.

Here at Big Kahuna, we can talk you through any questions that you might have and guide you through all the options available.

And don’t forget, if you’re looking for a caterer, Big Kahuna Street Food pride ourselves on providing the very best street food using the highest quality produce to cook fresh, simple and delicious food.