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Pub/Cafe Closed? Get a Stall So You Can Open for Business!

Although the coronavirus threat is starting to lift here in the UK and pubs/restaurants are now being told they can open under strict restrictions, things are still far from normal. With social distancing in place and the need to isolate if you come down with any symptoms, it means that a lot less people will be allowed into our bars and restaurants.

So, how can you still keep your business profitable when you are not allowed to have as many customers indoors? Well, hiring a stall could be the ideal solution to saving businesses in the hospitality industry.

What Problems Do Changes to Restrictions Mean for Businesses?

Current covid-19 restrictions mean that pubs and restaurants will have the potential for fewer customers coming through their doors. This means, when your rent and outgoings are the same, these businesses are going to have to think of clever ways to keep money coming in.

This is especially important for establishments who might not have the room for an outdoor eating or drinking area. The same goes for businesses that have cramped indoors, as it means you will need to either remain closed or only use a few of your tables inside.

Which leads to the problem that, if you do remain closed or cannot have many customers at a time, your competitors around you could become more desirable and you lose regulars to that other business. Worse still, when things return to normal, those lost customers might stay loyal to one of your competitors.

So, how can you stay busier with the addition of a stall to your business?

Stall Hire Helps You Serve More Customers

Since you can’t have as many people in your establishment at the moment, a stall could help you serve more customers than you might have thought possible. It might even help you appeal to new customers who will use you again in future.

Take food, for instance. People have been missing out on their favourite meals over these last few months, with many of us counting down the days until we can get to our restaurant of choice again. However, with a lot of people feeling the same, it means that there is going to be a lot of demand for reservations.

By also renting your own  stall, you can offer some of your best dishes for takeaway as well. This allows people to either come and collect food to take home or even to pick up and eat on the go during summer.

With pubs, a stall can work not only with any food you serve, but you can also serve takeaway drinks. Here keep your drink options wide, with coffee and soft drinks as well as alcoholic beverages. You might even want to think about ‘Instagrammable’ drinks that could help you get promotion from others on social media – such as alcoholic slushies and ice cream floats.

Plus, although from the 4th July bars and restaurants are allowed to open with reduced capacity, a lot of people will still not feel comfortable about visiting these places just yet. Especially if you’re worried about the risk of a rise in infection. By having a takeaway stall, your customers still have the chance to support your business while staying protected themselves.

So, overall, the advantages of a stall mean that you can:

  • Serve more customers
  • Offer takeaway without the complications of delivery
  • Appeal to people who don’t want to socialise in large groups or near others
  • Reach new customers

Where is the best location for your stall?

Once you’ve decided on hiring a stall, it’s time for you to decide where to put that stall so it will work best for your business. Here are some prime locations that you might want to consider:

1. At the Front of Your Pub/Restaurant

If you’re looking to attract people off the streets, or you’re looking to create an easy place for customers to collect a takeaway, placing your stall at the front of your business makes the most sense. As, not only will this allow you to advertise to random passers-by, but you’ll be able to easily promote your stall online.

This allows pubs and restaurants a double capacity, with a reduced intake inside and a stall to help boost your profits outdoors.

2. Within Your Outdoor Area

Particularly advantageous for bars, where you don’t want a lot of people coming inside and queuing for drinks, a stall in your beer garden is an ideal place for people to queue at a distance and order their drinks. It could even be used for placing food orders too.

3. Away from Your Business

Now could be the ideal time to think about renting a space at an outdoor food market, especially if you want to raise awareness of your delicious food. This will allow you to sell a lot of food without the worry of distanced seating or rushing any customers.

Team up with other Businesses

Hiring a stall is the ideal time for you to think about teaming up with some other local businesses who could benefit from extra profit, but who might not want an entire stall themselves. For instance, you could look at serving the coffee of a local maker or team up with an ice cream supplier for your desserts.

This can be very beneficial for both companies as it opens those businesses up to the customer bases of both parties, especially when you can cross promote on each other’s social media platforms.

If you’re thinking about hiring a stall in the hospitality industry, but you’re unsure about how you do it or what the costs might involve, worry not. As, here at Big Kahuna, we can talk you through any questions that you might have and guide you through opening your very first stall!