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The Benefits of Having a Mobile Food Trailer

Mobile catering in food trailers, food trucks or other various food stalls are a popular way of delivering food and are useful for a range of different occasions and events across the calendar year. Examples such as weddings, festivals and other special events too.

Long since the days when a food van was just a greasy burger and chips station. Mobile catering owners now often serve a range of options, often street food style from across the globe as well as trendy espresso coffee or smoothies too.

We will be talking about the many benefits of having a mobile food trailer in this blog post, so keep reading to find out more about why it is a great way of serving food.


What Is a Mobile Food Trailer?

A mobile food trailer is a mobile kitchen trailer that can be transported around from place to place allowing the owner to serve food wherever permissible. Food trailers have to be attached to another vehicle to be towed, food trailers do not have an engine of their own.

Food trailers tend to be bigger than a food truck, a food trailer can be wider than 7 or 8 feet and as long as 8 feet to an astonishing 53 feet!

The length and width of a food trailer or truck will determine how much kitchen space you have. Food trailers have the capacity to be bigger, this may make you more money as more food can be made at any one time, allowing you to serve more customers and generate more profit.


What Is the Difference Between a Food Truck and Food Trailer

A food truck and food trailer can both be used as a mobile catering van and can both be transported allowing the owner to travel around with their catering business wherever they please.

A food truck is a combination of a motor vehicle and a kitchen whereas a trailer cannot be driven on its own, a food trailer would have to be hitched and attached to a vehicle to be towed from each location.

Food trucks are typically quite small compared to other forms of mobile food transportation such as trailers. Food trucks are on average 7 feet wide and the length of a food truck usually ranges between 10-26 feet.

Due to the smaller factor of food trucks they can only make a limited amount of food at once. Customers don’t like waiting in queues, so if you keep people waiting they will probably choose to buy food from somewhere else.


The Benefits of Having a Mobile Food Trailer

There are so many benefits of having a mobile food trailer for your business, the opportunities are endless and you get to add your stamp to your trailer and your food, being as creative as you like with it.

Keep on reading for lots more benefits of having a mobile food trailer.


Changeable Location

The huge and most obvious benefit of being mobile with your catering food trailer is that you have the opportunity to always pitch up in the perfect location.

You don’t have to worry about picking a location for your business, with a mobile food trailer you can go where the business is. There will always be a need for food and catering services and having a portable food trailer is ideal to supply people with great food anywhere.


Lower Startup Costs

As you will not pay for property space or rent – everything is ready to go and you could save money supplying food in this way compared to alternative methods such as a permanent residence in a building.

With no big renovation projects to undergo, compared to restaurant businesses, your start-up costs will be considerably lower.

By purchasing a mobile trailer with a built-in kitchen you are practically ready to go.


Lower Overheads

A mobile food trailer will require less staff, which means fewer wages to pay. No need to pay for other costs such as property or rent, power, water etc. Overall your running costs will be significantly lower and more controlled than a stationary catering business.


Free Advertising

A quality mobile catering business is practically a moving marketing advertisement. You will gain customers just from being seen out and about and whilst you are on the roads moving from location to location. Whereas an average food business or restaurant will spend a significant amount of money on advertisement.

The more you travel around with your mobile food trailer or truck the more people will see your business and be aware of your brand. You could even make money by putting ads from other businesses on your trailer for a fee.


Opportunity to Be Creative

With mobile catering services such as trucks and trailers, you have the opportunity to get creative with your menu. With a stationary catering business, customers are expectant of certain things on your menu that they might be used to or always choose, so changing this might not be as easy.

As a mobile food trailer owner, you can change your menu often and try different pricing strategies to see what food and price work best for you and your customers.


Catering to Special Events

A catering trailer is a perfect solution for events such as weddings, sporting events, festivals and Christmas markets to name a few types of events.

Using your mobile food trailer to cater for special events such as these means you are totally adaptable to travel with your trailer to wherever these events might be, and utilise the popularity of certain events during certain times of the year.


Buying or Hiring a Mobile Catering Vehicle With Big Kahuna

Here at Big Kahuna, we have a wide range of mobile catering solutions for you, available to buy or hire for short or long-term use. Whether you need a catering stall or some catering equipment to hire, we have got it all.

Hiring catering equipment is useful if you only need the equipment seasonally and have no space to store the equipment when not in use, hiring is a great option and solution to this.

Contact us if you would like any advice, we are always happy to help and give our guidance on anything you might be looking for.