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What Equipment Do You Need For A Street Food Kiosk

Ready to set up your street food kiosk, but not sure what catering equipment you need?
Whether it’s the style, logistics or safety of your kiosk, there are lots of options available when it comes to choosing the right equipment.
Big Kahuna can help you: here’s a guide to what you need.

The Kiosk Itself

Kiosks can come in a bespoke design, tailored to suit the day-to-day workings of a food stall that is set to be a permanent or semi-permanent space.
With a selection of sizes available, the kiosk you choose can be a simple, functional unit or an open chalet, with several points of service for customers.
However you choose to present your business, it’s here at Big Kahuna, so check out our store to see what’s available.

Catering Equipment

No matter what style of food you’re cooking, the equipment you need is available for hire.
Whether it’s essential LPG equipment such as griddles, fryers, pots or burners, Big Kahuna offer all these (and more!) in a range of sizes, with electric versions available too.

Something more Specific?

Ideal for a street food stall or festival, Cinders BBQs come in a range of sizes and designs, complete with covers and other accessories.
Featuring some of the best UK manufactured BBQs, hiring from Big Kahuna means your street food kiosk will stand out from the crowd.
As well as BBQs, there’s a selection of machines for hog roasts and spit roasts, as well as pizza ovens, hot plates, rotisserie stands, carving stands and more.

Check out your options here.

Help with Hygiene

With the cooking essentials sorted, it’s good to know that your hygiene needs can be met just as easily.
As well as having the option of selecting between sinks and hand basins, there’s also glove dispensers and sneeze guards, helping you to ensure your street food stall is germ free and ready for action.

Signs, Accessories, and Spares

Banners and signs are a big consideration when setting up your kiosk.
Along with flags and routed signs, they are an essential part of the allure of your stall, and bespoke designs are available to give your business that extra edge.
With everything you need ready to go, all that’s left to consider are your spares and accessories, with additions such as trolleys, shelves, and covers available to choose from.

That’s Not All…

Despite this extensive range of essentials and extras, there’s so much more to explore if you’re ready to set up your street food kiosk.
With more catering equipment options available, be sure to continue your search through Big Kahuna.
Contact us now for more information.