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Why Schools Need Catering Pods

The evolution of school dinners has changed dramatically over the decades in the UK, as your parents and your grandparents will probably be able to tell you if you ask them.

Food options in schools provide students with way more variety than ever before – although the range of healthy options still won’t be available for every school in the country – this could be down to factors such as school budgets, which is why catering pods for schools would be beneficial for many.

If you would like to know more about catering pods, what they are, and the benefits they can bring to students in schools, along with what other options are available to buy or hire at Big Kahuna, then you have come to the right place and you should keep reading for more.


What Is a Catering Pod?

A catering pod is a lightweight, mobile catering trailer that is easily manoeuvrable from place to place. They are often ready to use and therefore kitted out with your choice of equipment for whatever you intend on using your catering pod for – whether that be for coffee or jacket potatoes.

Complete with branding on the pod, it is a professional and cool way to serve food at different events and occasions. A catering pod is pretty adaptable to your needs and has often become a ‘must-have’ thing for many street food vendors.

Whether you are serving hot or cold food, drinks or even used for things other than food services such as ticket selling, this small sleek and weatherproof pod can be so useful for a variety of different needs – and can make your products pop!


Are Catering Pods Portable?

Due to the lightweight nature of catering pods, they are very portable wherever you need them to go. They are perfect for a range of different events and occasions from weddings, corporate events, festivals, retail shopping settings or even within schools.


Are Catering Pods a Good Idea for Schools?

Catering pods can change and come and go – they are not permanent. This means that schools would not have to commit to a pod on a permanent basis. A school could let in a different pod each week with a different cuisine to really spice things up for the staff, students, and any visitors.

Different varieties of food for schools will keep the students engaged and interested in what they are having for lunch – a really great way of introducing new foods to kids. A catering pod could even be in a school for a set amount of term time.

To answer the question – are catering pods a good idea for schools? Then yes, we believe they are, they are a win-win for everyone, with benefits including more food choices for students (and teachers), catering pods won’t delve into school budgets, so many schools could actually save themselves some money that could be spent elsewhere in other departments  – whilst the catering vendors can make a profit from serving and selling their food within schools, there are advantages for everyone – need we say anymore?


The Importance of Choice for Students

Both primary and secondary school students should be able to choose what they want to eat – from a selection of healthy and tasty food options. It is important that we offer children in schools a healthy variety of foods so that they can grow up to be inspired by the range of healthy foods and different cuisines available out there.

School budgets, however, do not always allow for the healthiest options for kids, as we don’t always live in an ideal world. For example, white bread may cost less in bulk than wholemeal bread which is of course better for you.

If external food vendors come into schools in their catering pod or similar food stall with more variety of foods that are healthy, yet tasty, then this can provide a great solution to a lot of issues around food in schools for everyone.

It will give the children or young adults more options, it will provide a solution to perhaps a low school food budget, it will bring in healthier foods that the school may not be able to afford and the children will have a healthier dining experience all round at lunchtime.


Shorter Queues

More options mean shorter queues for kids. There is a limited amount of time during lunchtime and students do not want to spend half of their time at lunch in a queue. This is another big positive to why more options from different food vendors are a great solution to those lunchtime queues and that lunchtime rush.

Students also need to relax at lunchtime and have a bit of fun and interact with their peers, their whole lunch should not be spent queuing and eating alone. Queue times may even put students off opting for a school meal and choose to bring their own in the future.

Separate vendors in different areas will minimise queues and speed things up for both students and teachers and will encourage students to choose school dinners and best of all will give everyone more choice.


Nutritional Education

Having an extra kiosk for different food in schools provides an opportunity for schools to educate students about making choices. Having healthy options to eat at school will be a greater lesson than teaching about healthy eating in the classroom alone – schools need to put healthy eating into practice at lunchtime by offering healthy food, and colourful foods.


Big Kahuna’s Things to Rent and Buy

At Big Kahuna, we have a range of catering options to buy or to hire, whatever your needs for your catering business. Hiring catering equipment is a great way to run a business if you don’t have the necessary storage space to keep your stuff – especially if you only use them seasonally, for example during festival season in the UK.

Whether you need a stall for indoor or outdoor use, or maybe both, we have catering huts, trailers, kiosks, gazebos or marquees, market stalls as well as the option to hire complete packages including the stall and food business and brand included, this is an easy way to make a profit – known as a complete business in a box. All you need for your own business with your profits, we have done the hard bit for you.


Speak to Us

Talk to us if you want to discuss the options for what food you can serve in a catering pod or similar within a school to school children. We have the right setup for your catering business.

We offer a range of different street food cuisines at Big Kahuna or choose to hire or buy your very own equipment to do the catering all on your own. Whatever you need, contact us for all the catering information you need, we will be happy to help you.