Dragon Oven Pizza Trailer Hire

Griffin Plus Dragon Oven hire – Wood or LPG* Pizza Oven

Offer authentic traditional wood fired, brick oven cookery on the move. The Griffin Plus Dragon Oven is a lightweight, highly manoeuvrable trailer perfect for a versatile catering service. Whether short or long-term, our compact and easy-to-use oven, using either wood fire or LPG, makes it the ideal choice to fulfil your pizza oven hire needs.

*Gas option can be re-filled at petrol stations using the ‘AutoGas’ pump or using a gas canister. Lasts for up to 30 hours on gas.

The Dragon oven can reach temperatures up to 450/500ºC. It comes with a variable control for gas and reaches cooking temperature in under an hour.

Up to three pizzas can be cooked together in under a minute, allowing for an average of 150 pizzas per hour.


  • 1000mm diameter commercial wood/gas fired oven
  • Built-in LPG tank (45 litres) – can be re-filled at a petrol station
  • Monoblock one piece cook floor
  • Superb insulation
  • Braked axels
  • Galvanised chassis
  • Double sink
  • Rear fold-up stainless steel table
  • Super Strength wheel and tyre combo
  • Weight: 1390kg

Each oven is fitted with a top hinged rear lockable door for access to the large storage compartment.

The hiring of this product is charged per day.